The List or Your Resignation, Mr. Weis?

Alleged victims want "repeater list" or Weis' resignation

Chicago Police Department Superintendent Jody Weis' refusal to release a "repeater list" has many calling for his resignation.

For months, lawyers for victims of alleged police brutality has been fighting for Weis to release the names of officers who have acquired more than five brutality complaints against them.

Earlier this month, two federal judges ordered the release of such a list by Wednesday afternoon, but Weis has refused to comply.

The victims' attorneys are not arguing for the list of names to be made public. Rather, they want it released under a protective order for their eyes only, saying that it'll help build their case against a small handful of officers.

Weis said that producing the list would "compromise officers' performance, threaten safety, reduce morale and improperly impugn many officers' otherwise well-deserved good reputations."

Mayor Richard Daley on Wednesday came to Weis' defense, saying that to release a "repeater list" would be the wrong thing to do.

"That's really unfair. These are public servants, and I believe he's doing the right thing," Daley said.

The list of officers includes Anthony Abbate, who was caught beating a woman on camera, and former commander Jon Burge, who was allegedly involved in the torture of more than 100 people.

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