Weis: No Evidence of Preferential Treatment

Chicago officer accused of DUI, killing boy on bike

Chicago Police Supt. Jody Weis said there is "no evidence" which leads him to believe that an officer accused of killing a teen on his bike received preferential treatment during the initial period of investigation.

This is despite information released by the Cook County state's attorney's office which claims that nearly four hours passed before the off-duty officer was given a Breathalyzer test.

By the time Richard Bolling, 39, was given the test, his blood-alcohol level was at .079, just short of the .08 legal limit, authorities said. 

Mayor Richard Daley said the police department "will have to" investigate whether any favoritism was at play.

Meanwhile, the father of 13-year-old Trenton Booker answered "of course" when asked if an environment existed where police try to protect their own.

Weis said the preliminary investigation hasn't indicate that, but said that "immediate and appropriate action" will be taken if "deviations from established policies and protocols are uncovered."

"I have also directed that a committee be formed to look at new ways to reach out to our officers in terms of discipline, education, prevention, and intervention in alcohol related issues.  We must strive to do everything possible to prevent such an incident from happening again," Weis said in a statement released Tuesday evening.

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