National Guard Won't Let You Speak to an Attorney: Weis - NBC Chicago

National Guard Won't Let You Speak to an Attorney: Weis



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    Dismissing the idea that outside help is needed to curb Chicago's youth violence problem, Chicago Police Superintendent Jody Weis today said the National Guard would actually make things worse for citizens.

    "The military does not write search warrants, you know," said Weis at the Little Black Pearl Art and Design Center on the city's South Side.

    "They also will continue asking you questions. And if you want to plead the Fifth, or if you want to speak to an attorney, they're not going to listen to you on that."

    Weis derisive comments come on a day when Mayor Daley and the city tried to mollify concerns on school violence -- concerns which stemmed from the videotaped beating death of Derrion Albert.

    Daley's plans, which he admitted were only "short-term" solutions, include increasing the presence of police officers at schools during dismissal times, increasing funding for after-school programs, and providing extra attention to the most at-risk students.