Suburban Wedding Moved to Hospice So Terminally Ill Father Can Attend

An incredible love story unfolded Friday at a suburban nursing home, as a wedding was held so that the groom’s father, who has a terminal illness, could see it.

William Schlade, who has Stage 4 kidney failure, has been taken off medications and doctors say there is no treatment for his illness. With his life nearing its end, Schlade’s son Anthony wanted to make sure that his dad could see him walk down the aisle, and so he moved up his wedding to his fiancée Mary.

That wedding was held Friday at a suburban assisted living facility, and the groom was thrilled that his father was able to participate in the ceremony.

“Everything you would normally worry about with a wedding, I didn’t, because as long as he was there, that was all that I wanted,” Anthony Schlade said. “These wonderful people made it pretty much effortless, so I didn’t have to worry about anything.”

The couple’s wedding date had originally been set for next year, but the assisted living facility provided the minister, cake, and lunch, all at no cost to the couple.

“We’re relieved that he was able to see this, and (we feel) gratitude that he was happy to be here,” Director of Social Engagement Patty Honan said. 

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