Man Seeks Owner of Wedding Band That ‘Fell Out of the Sky'

A Chicago man is looking for the person who lost a wedding band on a subway platform.

Ravenswood resident John Morrison, 34, works in the West Loop and was walking by the Quincy Brown Line stop when a wedding band "fell out of the sky" in front of him.

"I looked, picked it up, looked around to see if I could find the owner, chased a guy down wondering if he dropped it and nobody knew anything," Morrison said.

Morrison said he posted the image on social media because he thought it would get attention and he might find the person who lost it. The photo was retweeted by the CTA's official Twitter account. 

“I felt like this was just generally interesting for others to hear about,” Morrison said. “I also thought this would be a great way to possibly find the ring’s owner.”

Morrison also imagined that the person who lost it would really miss it.

“"If I were in this situation where I lost my wedding band, I'd imagine my significant other would be probably furious with me, so I want to make sure I help that person out," Morrison said.

Morrison also tweeted some rules to make sure the right owner claims the wedding band.

"The owner of the #QuincySkyRing should tell me which side of the platform it was dropped by, in front of what business, & the inscription," he tweeted.

"Anyone can just come forward and say hey I dropped a wedding band and claim it and go pawn it and do something like," Morisson said.

Morisson said responses have been comical, but the true owner has yet to come forward.

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