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Weather Forecast for MLB Opening Day in Chicago: Showery and Chilly

It's looking like rain in Chicago for MLB Opening Day

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Headed to Wrigley Field Thursday for the Cubs Home Opener against the Milwaukee Brewers? Don't forget to bring your raincoat.

Chicago's weather forecast for MLB Opening Day is looking rainy and chilly.

It's been a rainy start to April, and showers are expected to continue this week.

Chicago Cubs fans should plan for on/off showers and breezy to windy conditions for the home opener Thursday afternoon. Daytime temperatures will likely stay in the 40s, well below the average of 55 degrees.

Going to the game Friday? Trade in your raincoat for a parka, when the rain could even mix with snow at times.

For the weekend games, you might not need your poncho. It's expected to be dry.

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