Chicago Violence

‘We Have to Come Together:' Chicago Activists Call on Neighbors to Help Combat Violence

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Activists stood in unity Saturday as they issued a call to action regarding the problem of gun violence across Chicago, particularly incidents involving women and children.

Leaders from several community groups gathered at New Beginnings Church in Greater Grand Crossing to shine a light on the lives that have been impacted already this year.

A total of 30 women have been shot in the first 29 days of January, according to activists. Of the victims, two were pregnant and seven died from their injuries.

Activist Andrew Holmes led the charge Saturday, backed by dozens of women impacted by the violence that continues to plague the streets.

"Cases have not been solved," Holmes said. "We're not blaming police, but if we can come together and get some structure to end this gun violence."

Illinois Sen. Jacqueline Collins called the current situation a "state of emergency," pleading with community members and families of people committing violent crimes to speak up.

"You know if your son brings in a gun, if he comes in with retail theft, comes in with a Gucci purse, these other designers, you know something is wrong, and you need to take some accountability in turning your child in," she said.

Activists are calling for a plan for change - one they hope the entire community can get behind.

"I’m asking for resources and programs to give our sons an alternative to violence of the street," said speaker Priscilla Jackson. "Give them an answer instead of the hopelessness that is felt in our communities."

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