Pregnant Woman Among Victims of Waukegan BB Gun Attacks

Multiple attacks reported throughout the city this month

A pregnant woman is among six documented cases of people being shot with BBs or pellets within the last month, Waukegan police officials said Tuesday.

In all of the cases except one, the victims have been women hit in their extremities while near a street or intersection.

"The fact that there are several locations makes us believe the suspect is mobile and not in a fixed position," said Cmdr. Joe Florip.

The pregnant woman and her unborn child are expected to be OK, but she showed off wounds to her belly where she was struck by a BB or pellet. There so far have not been any broken bones or serious injuries, but police have said they've seen blood and broken skin.

"I have no idea why someone would think this is pleasure or sport. What pleasure do they derive from this? We really need the public to call the tip line," said Florip.

Witnesses reported a white vehicle was seen leaving the scene following two of the attacks.

Anyone with information is asked to call Waukegan Police at (847) 360-9001. If an arrest is made, it would be up to the Lake County State's Attorney to press charges, which could range from disorderly conduct to aggravated battery. If someone is seriously hurt, the charges could be more severe.

It is legal to sell and possess BB guns in Waukegan but illegal to use them.

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