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For nearly a year, NBC 5 viewers have asked why sports anchor Mike Adamle has been absent from the 10 p.m. news team.

Now, Adamle has come forward to explain what happened.

Read his story here or watch the interview below. His story continues on NBC 5 at 10 p.m. Wednesday. 

1. What have you been going through this past year?

Mike Adamle begins by explaining what happened over the last year since he stopped anchoring sports with the 10 p.m. team on NBC 5.

2. What is your diagnosis?

Mike Adamle talks about his symptoms and the possibility that he may have CTE, doctors believe.

3. What is a typical day like for you?

Adamle talks about what he experiences on a typical day. “When the bad days become more than the good days, then you start worrying,” he said.

4. Why do you believe it's related to football?

Adamle talks about how what he’s experiencing is likely more than just age, but also what doctors believe is the result of his years in football.

5. Why don't you go out anymore? How dementia can force an athlete to hide.

Adamle talks about the difficulties of living with his dementia, and how it can lead to paranoia and depression.

6. What are some of the symptoms you experience?

Adamle talks about the CTE symptoms he experiences.

7. Do you experience pain? 

Adamle talks about exruciating headaches he often experiences and how he deals with the pain.

8. How can you slow down the affect?

Adamle talks about the ways he’s working to counteract what is happening to his brain.

9. How difficult is it for you to face this challenge the way you have faced so many other challenges?

Adamle has skydived, rapelled, extreme high-dived and more during his lifetime, and while he may not be able to do those things now, he says staying active keeps his brain going.

10. Would you play football again?

Adamle talks about whether or not he would play football if he could do it all over again.

11. Ballad of Special Teams: Mike Adamle recites poem he wrote as a Chicago Bear

Adamle recites a poem he wrote when he was playing for the Chicago Bears, as proof that his longterm memory is still in tact.
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