Chicago Police

Police Charge 18-Year-Old With Murder of Young Girl Fatally Shot in McDonald's Drive-Thru: Officials

A man was charged with murder Saturday in connection with 7-year-old Jaslyn Adams, who was fatally shot in a Homan Square McDonald's drive-thru.

Chicago Police Department Supt. David Brown announced during a press conference that 18-year-old Marion Lewis has been charged with murder in connection to the fatal shooting, among other felonies.

"You can run but you can't hide. We are going to bring you to justice for this crime. The Adams family deserves nothing less," Brown said as a message to others who could still be involved.

While answering questions from the media Thursday, Brown issued an unprecedented warning about bringing family members into a life of crime.

"Don't put your loved ones in the car with you, your mothers, your wives," he said. "People who have nothing to do with the choices you made, but they end up being the victims of your choices."

Tio Hardiman, who heads up the peace initiative "Violence Interrupters" says the message from Brown should be sent to young men through social media.

"The word needs to go out among the young people in Chicago, they should put a moratorium on the shooting of women and kids, period. The young people must do that. That's something they must do."

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