WATCH: Comedian Bill Burr Goes on McDonald's Rant on ‘The Tonight Show'

Comedian Bill Burr has no problem speaking his mind, and that’s exactly what he did on “The Tonight Show” on Tuesday.

Although Burr was there to promote his new Netflix show “F Is for Family,” he spent most of his time going on a hilarious rant about McDonald’s.

“The second they made the salad, it was over,” Burr said. “They said ‘you know what, it’s our fault, it’s our fault, it’s our fault you’re fat.’ But it isn’t! Everyone knows it’s fattening, you don’t order 50 sandwiches. But they’re a business, if you order it they’re gonna give it to you.”

“McDonald’s is for kids and for when you get hammered, that’s what it is,” Burr said. “You go in there, you get the bread in ya…that’s what it’s for.”

“They don’t know who they are anymore,” Burr said.

Watch the clip above.

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