Washington Power Players Aim To Repower America

Zoi, Gore In Chicago On Thursday

Former Vice President Al Gore wants to clean up American energy, and he and a staffer during President Bill Clinton's administration is in town, to help promote a new organization.

Cathy Zoi, the former Chief of Staff in the White House Office on Environmental Policy, is currently the CEO of "Alliance For Climate Protection." Zoi is in Chicago to tout their latest challenge, "Repower America," which is to have the country go to 100 percent clean electricity sources in the next 10 years.

"There is no debate about the scientific consensus on climate change," Zoi said. "We have to get going with this."

Zoi, who said she wanted to major in meteorology, outlined the three planks to the plan, the first of which deals with energy efficiency.

"We can do so much with our comfy lifestyle, but use two-thirds with the existing technologies," Zoi said. "We just haven't bothered to."

The second plank of the plan is using alternative energy sources, such as solar and wind power. The third plank is an interconnected national grid of clean energy.

"A one-off investment, not unlike a highway system, connecting America together so we can get it," Zoi said.

With Repower America, Zoi and the Alliance For Climate Change hope to empower, educate and eventually lead to repower the world and the American economy.

"The opportunity, the investment in clean energy, why would we not use fuels that are free and limitless. We have all the resources, but do we have the political will?"

Zoi urged voters to exercise their political power to help bring new power to the country.

"We need a critical mass of people demanding action from the leaders," she said.

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