Warmth, Storms, Snow: Roller Coaster Weather Continues

A brief burst of spring before winter makes a comeback

It's going to be a wild weather ride over the next few days as warmer temps bring the potential for storms before cold and possibly even snow return to the Chicago area. 

Temperature highs will once again rise into the upper-60s and low-70s Friday --but only for some.

Areas north will likely see cooler temps, some lingering in the 40s, while southern locations will reach into the 60s and possibly even 70s in a brief burst of spring before winter makes a comeback. 

Mostly cloudy skies will likely turn to showers with the chance for some storms late Friday evening and into the overnight hours as temperatures cool once again.

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Overnight could see periods of moderate rain, at times becoming heavy, with a few isolated storms possible. Some of the stronger storms threaten to bring nickel-sized hail to some locations, according to the National Weather Service. 

Temperatures drop dramatically Saturday, dipping into the low-50s and even the 40s for many as the chance for rain continues. A few isolated storms will again be possible, particularly in northwest Indiana. 

With even cooler temps projected Sunday, light rain showers could mix with snow showers by the evening and continuing into Monday morning. 

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