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Ward Room Campaign Round-Up: Week 2

With primary elections only 6 weeks away, candidates gain some big endorsements and donations.

This is the second edition of the Ward Room's Campaign Round-Up, a weekly posting dedicated to keeping voters informed about the state and county's upcoming 2016 elections. Check the Ward Room blog for continued coverage every Wednesday.

State’s Attorney

In one of the most highly contested primaries in the state, incumbent Anita Alvarez faces stiff competition from Kim Foxx, who has received a host of high-profile endorsements, and Donna More, who has recently launched a month-long TV ad campaign.

Foxx released a campaign ad Sunday claiming that in the wake of the Laquan Mcdonald shooting, Alvarez did nothing for 400 days. This is in reference to Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke who was not charged with McDonald's murder for 13 months.

“It’s disappointing that Kim Foxx is running attack ads to score political points off the death of a teenager,” Alvarez’s campaign manager Mike Carson said in a statement to Ward Room.

Foxx’s record at the State’s Attorney’s office has also come into question this week. Aides to Anita Alvarez claim that in Foxx’s 12 years at the State’s Attorney’s office, she only tried one felony case. The Foxx camp has denied these claims.

Foxx received an endorsement from Cook County Board of Commissioners member and former Chicago mayoral candidate Jesus “Chuy” Garcia Wednesday.

More, who has largely self-funded her campaign, rolled out an extensive TV ad campaign this week. The campaign will be comprised of 700 ads that will “run in targeted cable TV regions of Cook County.”

The first 30 second spot claims “Anita Alvarez must go.”

Nonetheless, according to a recent Tribune poll, Alvarez received 34 percent of votes with Foxx receiving 27 percent and More receiving 12 percent. 26 percent of voters are either undecided or backing other candidates.

All three State’s Attorney candidates are scheduled to speak at the City Club of Chiago in the coming weeks. More will appear on Feb. 9, Foxx will appear on Feb. 18 and Anita Alvarez will appear on Feb. 24.

The election for the Democratic nomination for Cook County State's Attorney will be held on March 15.

Illinois Senate Race

In the race for U.S. Senate, incumbent Mark Kirk will face James Marter in the March 15 Republican primary.

Kirk faces an uphill battle in his quest for re-election. Over the past year, he has faced a handful of scandals, from being caught calling Sen. Lindsey Graham a "bro with no ho" to attacking the Chicago Tribune for a story that was not yet published.

Last week Marter travelled to Chicago to support Rep. La Shawn Ford’s bill that would allow voters to recall mayors in the State of Illinois.

“I’m here to say I don’t blame the anger of the people in the City of Chicago,” Marter said in a YouTube video. “After 60 years of Democrat rule and corruption in the city, I think they have a right to be angry and I’m here to say we need to support the clean-up and restore the civil rights and the constitutional rights of the citizens here.”

The March 15 Democratic primary consists of U.S. Rep. Tammy Duckworth, Chicago Urban League President and CEO Andrea Zopp and State Senator Napoleon Harris.

This week, Duckworth was endorsed by the Illinois Federation of Teachers and the Transport Workers Union. Duckworth responded to Gov. Bruce Rauner’s State of the State address in a speech at Chicago State University last week, touching on the effects of the Illinois’ budget impasse.

“Here at Chicago State, operations may shut down within a month,” Duckworth said. “Think about that. This institution is a gateway to opportunity and a better life for some of Chicago’s most disadvantaged kids.”

Harris also responded to the governor’s state of the state address last week.

“This isn’t time to talk,” Harris said. “Words don’t feed seniors, keep college students in school or provide childcare for working families.?

Harris also supported funding Monetary Award Program funding for universities throughout the state.

Last week Zopp spoke at the City Club of Chicago, calling for reforms to policing practices and the criminal justice system.

“Can we turn this around,” Zopp asked. “Can we repair distrust that has been built between law enforcement and community?”

8th Congressional District

In the race for Rep. Tammy Duckworth's soon-to-be vacated seat in the northwest and west suburbs, Raja Krishnamoorthi remains the Democratic front-runner.

Krishnamoorthi was endorsed by the Transport Workers Union Tuesday. Krishnamoorthi has previously received support from the Amalgamated Transit Union, the United Steelworkers, Ironworkers, Machinists, and Airplane Pilots unions.

Krishnamoorthi has raised more than $1.49 million for his campaign, more than any other candidate for the 8th District Congressional seat. Krishnamoorthi currently has $1.27 million in the bank.

Krishnamoorthi will face State Senator Michael Noland and Villa Park Mayor Deb Bullwinkel in the March 15 Democratic primary.

Noland has raised $210,000 thus far with $69,000 coming in the last quarter of last year. Noland currently has $64,000 in the bank. The state senator has also garnered endorsements from a variety of trade unions as well as Senate President John Cullerton and a host of other Illinois politicians.

Bullwinkel has raised $67,000 dollars overall, but her debts and obligations are currently more than the $14,000 she has in the bank.

The Republican ticket boasts Dupage County Commissioner and former mayor of Elmhurst Pete DiCianni.

High school teacher Bill Fraser, an Independent, will appear on the general ballot in November.

10th Congressional District

U.S. Rep. Bob Dold leads the two Democratic challengers for his house seat in fundraising. Dold has raised $2.4 million since winning the 10th District in 2014. He is running unopposed on the Republican ticket.

Dold has won two terms in the house, in 2010 and 2014. He was ousted from his seat in 2012 by Democratic challenger Brad Schneider.

Schneider recently won the endorsement of Waukegan Township Democrats adding to his extensive list of endorsements that also includes former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Secretary of State Jesse White. Schneider was also endorsed by the Illinois Federation of Teachers this week.

On Monday, Schneider announced that his campaign had raised $390,000 in the fourth quarter of 2015. Schneider will face Nancy Rotering in the March 15 primary election.

Rotering gained some important endorsements last month: Moraine Township Democrats, New Trier Democrats and Northfield Township Democrats. Rotering was also endorsed by U.S. Senator Dick Durbin last month.

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