Vote Early, Vote Often – We Didn't Really Mean It

Officials remind voters they can only vote once per election

The tongue-in-cheek political motto of Chicago—"Vote early, and vote often"—has been attributed to Mayor Richard J. Daley, gangster Al Capone, and Mayor William Hale Thompson. But no matter who said it, seriously folks, you only get to vote once.

Apparently, some people need to be reminded of this obvious fact.

Chicagoans who take advantage of the early voting period through October 30 will be handed a flyer notifying them that they cannot vote again on Election Day, November 4.

"You'd be surprised how many people operate under the delusion—and this isn't just early voting—that they might go home and have a second thought and think they can go back and pluck it out of the box," said Jim Allen, spokesman for the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners, according to the Chicago Tribune.

So whether you vote early or vote late, the important thing is to vote carefully. You can't go back and change your mind. If you need help, there are multiple voter guides available online.

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