Lincoln Park

Violent Armed Robbery in Lincoln Park Leaves Man in His 20s Shot, in Critical Condition

A man was shot multiple times during a violent armed robbery in Lincoln Park early Friday, according to police.

At 3:05 a.m. Friday, officers discovered in the 1300 block of W. Webster a man on the ground with multiple gunshot wounds.

The male victim, in his 20s, sustained two gunshot wounds to the back and one to the head.

Video from the incident shows a person wearing hooded sweatshirt exiting a white Sedan, which pulled up and came to a stop at the corner of Wayne and Webster.

The person can then be seen waiting and peeking behind a building at the corner.

As the victim, who is carrying a small bag, walks along the sidewalk and approaches the corner, the person walks out from behind the building and towards the victim, pointing at him what appears to be a gun.

The victim then hands the person the bag and then attempts to tackle the alleged robber. Both fall to the ground, with the attacker pinning the victim.

Another person then exits the vehicle and walks towards the two. The attacker then stands up, and shoots the victim twice at close range. He then fires another shot as the victim remained on the ground.

"This lawlessness has to be stopped!" Ald. Brian Hopkins said in an email. Hopkin's ward includes the Lincoln Park neighborhood.

"No neighborhood is immune to this criminal behavior. I have discussed the immediate need for additional tactical teams and patrols in the Lincoln Park area with the Chicago Police Department."

Hopkins added that residents and neighbors have shared their eyewitness accounts, and that some have turned over private surveillance video to lead detectives.

The victim was transported to CFD to Illinois Masonic in critical condition. According to Ald. Brian Hopkins, the victim is in surgery.

No one was in custody as of Friday morning and Area Three detectives are investigating the incident.

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