Vince Vaughn, Brett Favre Bring Bears-Packers Rivalry to ESPYs Stage

Leave it to Vince Vaughn to represent Chicago sports on a national stage.

Vaughn, an avid Chicago Bears fan, took on former Green Bay Packer Brett Favre with some witty banter onstage at the ESPYs Wednesday night.

Things started out innocent enough.

“Isn’t it funny me, a Bears fan and you one of the greatest Packers of all time, are up here to present the award for best team?” Vaughn said. “I mean, up here, I actually think that we make a pretty good team. When it comes to football, we’re obviously huge rivals.”

But Favre wasn’t going to let it end there.

“But doesn’t Chicago have to win every once in a while for it to be a real rivalry?” he said.

It was Vaughn who had the last laugh, however, punting a joke about one of Favre’s former commercial appearances.

“I do not know where this animosity is coming from Brett but if you want to throw on some Wranglers and throw the football around with a couple of guys next to a pickup truck to get past it I’m game,” he said.

Favre starred in the commercial (see below) several years ago.

The talk comes after a report surfaced suggesting Favre seriously considered coming to the Bears during the 2008 offseason after he retired from the Packers.  

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