Viewers Share Cold Weather Tricks

.ad-300x250-first { display:none; } NBC Chicago viewers found a number of ways to amuse themselves during the extreme cold snap. Here's a few cold-weather tricks viewers sent us via

Bubble Disintegrates in Cold Temps
Rachel Dawdy took this video Monday from her deck in Cary. She blew a bubble, caught it and put it outside. It cracked and disintegrated quickly.

Boiling Water Turns to Snow
A viewer shows what happens when you toss boiling water into the cold air.

Instant Snow From The 6th Floor
Roland Brenner creates instant snow by tossing boiling water from the 6th floor of a Lakeview building.

How Cold Is It?
Ben Ogden captures hot water turning to ice/snow before it hits the ground in Saint Charles.

Don't Try This at Home?
A Chicago couple shows us why you should be careful tossing hot water into the air -- especially when it's windy.

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