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Video Surveillance: Shorewood Hero Saves Wendy's Customer's Life From Choking

“Alyson is my guardian angel forever,” Scheer said

A regular customer at a Wendy’s restaurant in South West suburban Shorewood says the general manager is his “guardian angel forever,” after she saved his life when she noticed he was choking last week.

A surveillance video shows General Manager Alyson Mayfield noticing a customer, Allen Scheer, started to choke and immediately makes her way toward him.

“Alyson is my guardian angel forever,” Scheer said.

The video shows Scheer starting to choke on his food and struggling to breathe as he heads to a nearby trash can.

“I felt something dislodge in my throat and I swallowed it,” he said. “It must have been a chunk of meat or a kidney bean.”

Scheer says he normally eats lunch at that Wendy’s about three times a week and this was the first of its kind.

“I was over in my area just coordinating out orders and I kept hearing the coughing,” Mayfield recounted. “His face was just getting reddish and purple…like he just couldn’t breathe.”

Mayfield reverted back to something she learned as a life guard.

“I said ‘I am going to do the Heimlich Maneuver right now’ and he was like ‘ok,’” she said.

Scheer is forever grateful that his “guardian angel” acted as fast as she did and will now be able to continue eating at his favorite go-to place.

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