Stanley Cup Playoffs Immortalized in Epic Video Montage

When the Stanley Cup Final comes to an end, there are certain things hockey fans look forward to. Whether it’s the hoisting of the trophy at center ice, or booing Commissioner Gary Bettman, or finding out that players have secretly been playing with all sorts of painful-sounding ailments, the final day of the season is always compelling.

For fans in Canada, the final day of the season also means a season-ending montage from the Hockey Night in Canada crew. This year’s version, which features the song “Always No. 1” by Alistair Griffin, certainly takes its place among the most memorable playoff recaps:

With the majority of games being decided by one goal and a Stanley Cup Final that didn’t feature a two goal lead until there were only five minutes left in the final game of the series, it’s no small wonder that a clip of the playoffs would have such dramatic elements.

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