James Neveau

Video: Hartman and Darling Visit Hockey-Loving Kids in Chicago

With a warm winter, kids are still finding creative ways to play hockey

While Chicago Blackhawks players Ryan Hartman and Scott Darling get to play their games on beautiful ice rinks now, warm weather when they were kids meant that they had to be creative in order to keep up their hockey skills.

In honor of that dedication to the sport, the two players went around the Chicago area recently and checked in on three different pick-up hockey games. Whether the kids were playing in an alley, a basement, or a driveway, they’re showing serious dedication to the sport, and the players declared each of the locations an official Blackhawks Practice Rink.

In an awesome new video, the players visited each of the locales, participated in some street hockey action, and even caused some property damage at one unlucky home: [[416443533, C]]

Surprisingly, Hartman wasn’t the one that uncorked a wrist shot through a garage door window, as Darling was the guilty party. Perhaps that’s why he’s usually stuck defending the goal rather than shooting at it.

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