VIDEO: Ditka To Appear in “Halftime Show” During Grammy's Ceremony

"Da Coach" has been making the rounds as a pitchman, but this is something new for him

Former Chicago Bears head coach Mike Ditka has been all over television sets recently, from his weekly appearances on ESPN to his impassioned speech at the halftime of the Bears’ victory over the Dallas Cowboys when the organization retired his No. 89 jersey in December.

Appearances directly related to football aside, Ditka has also tapped into another market, as he has appeared in a slew of commercials for various companies.

Perhaps nothing will be bigger though than what Ditka could be up to for The Grammy’s later this month. Here is a teaser:

Along with Terry Bradshaw and Deion Sanders, Ditka will perform in a Pepsi ad airing during the Grammy's to promote the Super Bowl's halftime show. Judging by the video, he embraces his role as the sweater-wearing, cigar-chomping Coach of the crew. (Pepsi is the sponsor of this Super Bowl's halftime performance.)

Of course, this isn’t the only ad that Ditka has been featured in recently. There was his role in a State Farm ad starring Da Superfans and Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers:

And of course there was the Binny’s Beverage Depot ad that showed a softer side of Da Coach:

What will The Grammy’s have in store for Ditka? We’ll find out on Jan. 26.

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