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Video: Carjacking Suspect Leads Police on Wild Chase Along Eisenhower Expressway

The chase occurred at approximately 4 p.m. along the Eisenhower Expressway before moving to city streets

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An intense police pursuit involving a carjacked vehicle along the Eisenhower Expressway Thursday afternoon ended with a dramatic crash and three people in police custody.

NBC 5's Mike Lorber was in Sky 5, above Interstate 290 at approximately 4 p.m., as a vehicle stolen in a carjacking was being pursued by a Chicago police helicopter. Footage shows the suspect exit at Damen Avenue and weave in and out of traffic, narrowly missing several bicyclists and other cars.

A short time later, the stolen vehicle swiped a blue car, sending both cars crashing into a fence along Walnut Street. Two suspects immediately took off on foot, as shown on video, as a third remained off camera.

Police chased one suspect, who ran into a building, while another was apprehended nearby.

One witness, who works in the area, told NBC 5 she suddenly heard yelling and then looked outside.

"This guy runs and jumps onto the bus...There’s two cops chasing him," said Rachael Bos. "They’re running after [the] bus and [the] bus doesn’t stop.

It didn't take long for police to catch the third suspect, the individual apprehended on the bus.

Christina Whitehouse, the founder of bike safety group Bike Lane Uprising, said she's glad the situation wasn't worse for those on two wheels.

"I'm surprised people weren't hit, specifically on bikes," she said.

Information about those arrested and the crimes they're accused of hasn't been released.

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