Video Captures Man Trying to Steal iPad From Pizza Joint

An unsuccessful burglary attempt at Lakeview pizza restaurant was captured on video Saturday.

The video shows two men apparently casing Pie Hole Pizza Joint in the 3400 block of Broadway shortly before 6:30 a.m.

Around 30 minutes later, one of the men returns and smashes a window pane, jumps inside the empty store and attempts to steal an iPad from the counter. But the iPad was chained to the surface, and after several attempts to rip it away, the man gave up and ran outside the store.

"The iPad is in perfect condition, nothing was broken, nothing was damaged at all," Pie Hole Pizza Joint owner Doug Brandt said. "You can see in the video the guy had to tug, tug and tug. You could see the counter shaking. You could see the other stuff on the counter topping over. It was well-secured."

Brandt said insurance was able to cover the cost of the broken window pane in the store. He's hoping someone recognizes the unsuccessful thief from the video.

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