Man's Body Found in Burned-Out Apartment

Family finds body two days after blaze

Family members of a man whose body was found in a basement apartment two days after a fire there is wondering how firefighters could have missed finding Crosby Lipscomb.

Lipscomb, known to friends and family as "Croz,"  was one of three men living in the basement apartment in East Garfield Park when fire broke out Monday morning.

On Wednesday, family members kicked in the boarded-up door of the building on West Polk Street and found the retired Chicago Public School janitor dead on the floor next to his bed.

"The Fire Department didn't do their job," said Haywood Lipscomb, 42, a nephew of the victim who was with the group who found the man.

He told the Chicago Tribune that he and other family members had implored fire officials on Monday to keep looking for his uncle, after Lipscomb did not come out from the smokey apartment.

"It appears we missed a recovery," Larry Langford, spokesman for the Chicago Fire Department, said. "It's a terrible thing for a family member to find someone after a fire."

Langford said the Fire Department is investigating the incident.

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