Victims Still Fear Convicted Cyberstalker

Lincoln Park man notorious for destroying online reputations to be sentenced Tuesday

UPDATE: Convicted Cyberstalker Sentenced to 8 Years in Prison

A Lincoln Park man is scheduled to be sentenced Tuesday on charges of felony cyberstalking and residential theft, but even though he could be facing time behind bars, the criminal's victims still fear retribution.

Jicheng "Kevin" Liu could face up to 14 years in prison for his crimes.

One of Liu's victims, who asked to be referred to as Sherwood, says he's still putting his life back together after he and his wife marketed Liu's merchandise on eBay four years ago before discovering the goods were stolen and alerting police.

Victims, police officers seeking justice say they were harassed with bills for pornographic magazines, deliveries for unordered food and libelous online posts. One determined mother who became an undercover sleuth shares her story with Rob Stafford. This story was published April 30, 2012 at 10 p.m.

"Jicheng Liu came at us so hard. He managed to get our business shut down on eBay and to this day we cannot use our online store," Sherwood said.

"We've been scared. We trusted Liu. He told us keep an eye on your baby while you sleep at night."

Sherwood says Liu framed him using bogus emails and accounts to run his online reputation.

"Through email he told us he'd make our lives a living hell. For as long as I live, I'll harass you," Sherwood said. "He took away everything we worked hard for. We lost our business, our lives ... we're shunned online forever."

Photos: Items From Liu's Apartment

Sherwood says he's had to restart his business from scratch, and sell small antiques instead of more lucrative high-end furniture.

Sherwood's lawyer has urged him not to appear in court, and will instead read an impact statement for him.

"We fear that no matter where he is, he will haunt us in this world. If he has access to a computer he will tear apart our reputation," Sherwood said.

Police found thousands of dollars of stolen merchandise in Liu's rented Lincoln Park townhome in 2012. He was accused of stealing delivery packages from homes and apartment complexes, and using garage door openers to access goods. 

Surveillance video shows a man who police say is Jicheng “Kevin” Liu inside the vestibule and elevator of a Chicago-area apartment complex where packages were stolen.
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