Victims of Recent Brutal Attacks on CTA Property Speak Out

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A recent spate of violent attacks on CTA property have left riders feeling uneasy, and two victims of those incidents are sharing their stories .

Will Clinger, a TV host, says he was on a CTA Red Line train near the Addison stop when a woman stole his phone right out of his hands.

“My instinct just said ‘I need that phone.’ I ran after them,” he said. “The next thing I remember, I’m looking around and there are medical people.”

Clinger, who hosts ‘Wild Travels’ and is the former host of ‘Wild Chicago,’ says that he suffered a brain contusion, and said he isn’t sure what struck him in the head, but it knocked him unconscious.

Nate Tubbs is feeling similar pains, having been attacked on the CTA Blue Line last week.

“I suffered facial fractures, black eye, bruising,” he said.

Tubbs says he was riding the train home from work when he noticed a man acting abnormally.

“I remained seated and said ‘hey, everything okay,’” he recalled. “And the individual ignored me and then seconds later without even seeing it coming I was attacked by the individual.”

Both men say that they are grateful to have survived the scary situations, but that they share the concerns of many about the escalating attacks on CTA property.

“I think I got lucky, to be honest with you,” Clinger said.

“I feel concerned about those who probably need help that aren’t getting that help, whether it be mental health or drug abuse support,” Tubbs added. 

The CTA says it is continuing to up its manpower, doubling the number of unarmed security guards and adding extra police officers to numerous locations around its service area.

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