Victim Asked Doctor on Teleconference to Call 911 Moments Before Husband Fatally Shot Her: Court Docs

Alphonso Hamilton shot his wife, Jennifer, five times before returning to his car and driving away from the scene, according to prosecutors

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A Chicago woman who was fatally shot by her husband in a reported domestic violence incident was on a teleconference with her doctor who called 911 at the victim's request moments before shots were fired, according to court documents.

Jennifer Hamilton was shot and killed by her husband Alphonso Hamilton in the parking lot of Target at Brickyard Mall early Wednesday morning, according to Chicago police.

Alphonso, who turned himself in to law enforcement on the advice of his mother following the shooting, was charged with first degree murder and ordered to remain in custody without bail Friday.

According to a bond proffer released by the Cook County State's Attorney's Office, the couple was married at the time of the fatal shooting, but was in the process of separating. Jennifer filed an order of protection against Alphonso, which was granted April 18 following a domestic violence incident that occurred weeks earlier, court documents stated.

On the day of the fatal shooting, Jennifer was inside her vehicle parked at the residence she and Alphonso previously shared, while on a teleconference with her doctor. At one point, Alphonso drove into the parking lot, which prompted Jennifer to inform her doctor what was happening and explain that an order of protection was in place, according to the bond proffer.

The doctor asked Jennifer if she wanted to call 911, but Jennifer said she wasn't very worried about Alphonso hurting her, documents stated. Instead, Jennifer asked the doctor to remain on the teleconference. The doctor then asked for Jennifer's address, which she gave them.

Jennifer then drove to the nearby Target at the Brickyard Mall, as Alphonso followed her in his vehicle, as shown in surveillance video from the store's parking lot.

Moments later, Jennifer exited her car and informed the doctor she would be back shortly, according to court documents. Around the same time, Alphonso got out of his vehicle and approached Jennifer while at the rear of her vehicle, authorities stated.

Through the teleconference, the doctor was then able to see Jennifer "make a sudden movement while she was at the rear" of the vehicle, according to the proffer. At that point, Jennifer went back to the driver's door of her vehicle, opened it and asked the doctor to call 911.

Alphonso approached Jennifer, but she attempted to move away from him. Moments later, Alphonso shot her five times before returning to his car and driving away from the scene.

Jennifer sustained five gunshot wounds to the head and died as the result of injuries, according to police.

Following the shooting, Alphonso went to the Schiller Park Police Department where he admitted that he had shot Jennifer outside of Target, as revealed in the bond proffer. The suspect recounted asking Jennifer if she was seeing anybody else, and after she said yes, he shot her five to six times, as stated in court documents.

Alphonso said he thought about turning the gun on himself, but explained he called his mother who advised that he turn himself in to police.

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