Chicago Bears

Vic Fangio Disagrees With Timeout Bears Were Given in Victory Over Broncos

The timeout with one second left allowed the Bears to kick a game-winning field goal

The Chicago Bears escaped Denver with a last-second win over the Broncos on Sunday, but should that last second have been on the clock in the first place?

In the eyes of Broncos head coach Vic Fangio, the answer is no.

Fangio, who faced off against the team he served as defensive coordinator of for four seasons, said in a radio interview that he didn’t believe the Bears should have had one second remaining for Eddy Piñeiro to attempt his game-winning 53-yard field goal on Sunday.

“Nothing in life in the world happens simultaneously,” he said. ‘There was lag time there.”

On the controversial play, Mitchell Trubisky found Allen Robinson for a completion on 4th-and-15. Officials ruled that there was still one second remaining on the clock after Robinson called for a timeout, but Denver coaches and players have disagreed in the aftermath of the game, saying that there wasn’t any time left on the clock:

Broncos players and coaches also disagreed with the roughing the passer call on Bradley Chubb, which gave the Bears 15 yards and a fresh set of downs late in the game.

“In regards to the officiating, I’m going to quote (Saints head coach) Sean Payton: ‘We can’t control poor officiating or awful calls,’” he said.

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