Haitian Orphanage Still Stands

Ruth, Brian Caudle were told Wednesday school had been leveled

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A Vernon Hills couple was relieved to learn Thursday that, despite reports to the contrary, their orphanage in Haiti still stands.  Still, every ring of the telephone brings anxiety.

Ruth Caudle, a native Haitian, and her husband, Brian, were told Wednesday that The Spirit of Truth School located about an hour south of the capital city of Port-au-Prince had been leveled by the massive quake.  They were told Thursday that the school was only damaged.

About 80 percent of the homes surrounding the school are destroyed, the family was told, bringing new worries about the children who attended their school and who may not have survived.

"Right now I'm just suspense alert," Ruth Caudle said. "Emotionally, it's just been a roller coaster, it's just heart-breaking."

She told the Daily Herald on Wednesday that the quake struck after school hours, but that it wasn't unusual for children to hang around the school after classes.

"Every time the phone rings it's, "Who is it? What information am I going to get?" she said.


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