Vandals Target Religious Display in Daley Plaza

Damage estimated to be $3,000

Police are investigating the destruction of an Easter display in Daley Plaza Tuesday night.

The 19-foot tall Easter cross and 10-foot image of Jesus the Divine Mercy was set up on April 17 by the Thomas More Society, not-for-profit law firm that specializes in cases dealing with "life, marriage, and religious liberty."

A glass cover protecting the images appears to have been smashed.

"They don't want to attack the logic, they don't want to attack what we're saying, they want to attack us," said Thomas More attorney Jocelyn Floyd. "This is exactly what our 1st Amendment is about, is stimulating dialogue, debate and coversation. And what we have here is someone who entered the dialogue with violence."

Officials say it's the first time in eight years of setting up the display that someone has defaced the images and they hope surveillance cameras picked up images of the vandals.

The estimated damage is $3,000.

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