Vacant Illinois Agency Jobs Could Move to Springfield Area

Illinois agencies under Gov. Bruce Rauner have been told to decide whether vacant positions can be moved to the Springfield area as part of the process to fill the jobs.

The Department of Central Management Services issued a memo Wednesday outlining the procedures needed for agencies to transfer vacant or currently occupied jobs to the state capital in Springfield, the State Journal-Register reported.

The department's acting director, Michael Hoffman, says the memo was issued in response to a legislative resolution last year that asked agencies to identify jobs that could potentially be relocated to Sangamon County, which includes Springfield, from other parts of the state.

"Based on this workforce study, agencies identified a significant number of positions that rightfully belong in Sangamon County, the location of the capital of the state of Illinois," Hoffman said in the memo.

The note detailed instructions that agencies should follow to relocate positions.

"Effective immediately, agencies seeking to fill vacancies outside of Sangamon County will be required to evaluate whether the position could be geographically transferred to Sangamon County," Hoffman wrote. "The determination of whether a position can be geographically transferred will be left to each agency director's discretion."

The General Assembly approved a resolution last year directing agencies under the governor to report on where their jobs are and the potential for relocating some of them to Springfield.

The survey identified nearly 390 jobs that could be relocated to Springfield. At the time it was compiled, the survey said nearly 270 of those jobs were filled and about 120 were vacant.

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