Use Virtual Assistants to Grow Your Business

If you’re trying to grow your business, you don’t want to spend your time accounting, or checking the references of contracted employees. 

Consider hiring a virtual assistant – and consider this: if a business owner outsourced four hours per week to a local contractor/temporary worker, he or she gains 10% more time in front of clients. If the business owner’s time is worth $100 per hour, he or she loses $400 each week doing administrative and marketing tasks themselves.
“As a small business owner, you tend to think that no one will do the job as well as you,” says Kelly Tanaka, owner of the Chicago franchise of Cybertary. Tanaka’s background in sales and marketing provided a sense for finding skilled professional workers for entrepreneurs.
As a small business owner herself, she also knows how much time is spent on tasks that could be lent to outside professionals. Tanaka has hired her own bookkeeper for that reason.
Not to mention that some small business owners say that starting your own company can suck the life out of you. Virtual assistants mean a business owner doesn’t need to provide office equipment, overhead or benefits- and if you take a vacation or business is slow, they take a break too.
Cybertary offers services ranging from presentation preparation and data processing to bookkeeping and graphic design work.  All of the services are completed remotely, saving the overhead of office space and technology.  As a franchise, the company can hire virtual assistants from across the nation.
All Cybertary team members are North American citizens so no work is outsourced overseas. And you’re lending a hand to talented professionals that may have either been laid off or grew tired of the corporate rat race.
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