US Loses Bid to Have Chicago's Sanctuary City Lawsuit Tossed Out

A federal judge ruled Friday that the U.S. Justice Department does not have the authority to withhold grants from the city of Chicago because of its policies that provide sanctuary to immigrants.

The city sued Attorney General Jeff Sessions last August after the Justice Department ordered Chicago and other sanctuary cities to give 48-hours' notice before releasing from custody immigrants who entered the country illegally. The Justice Department also sought access to jails by federal agents and the sharing of citizenship information.

U.S. District Judge Harry Leinenweber granted a permanent injunction against the three conditions and denied a Justice Department motion to dismiss the lawsuit.

Sessions warned the city would not be eligible for federal public safety grants if they didn't comply. The city contends the Justice Department is overstepping its legal authority.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Friday that Leinenweber's ruling was a "major win" for Chicago and a victory for public safety.

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