Urlacher’s Super Bowl Commercial

How'd our boy do?

urlacher SB

Did you see Brian Urlacher during the Super Bowl? He pops up at the 0:49 mark of this commercial.

In the clip, he's surrounded by four weird-looking guys, excited to take his picture with their new phone. Every picture I take with my phone is blurry unless it's bright and sunny outside, so maybe this phone is better.

Urlacher smiles for the camera but doesn't show teeth. Toothy smiles are for pretty boys like Tom Brady. Urlacher gives you a grin. Because he's hard.

Then, Urlacher obliges the four weirdos by signing his name on the photo with the stylus. The stylus is apparently a big selling point for this phone, even though those things have been around more than a decade. It's nice of Brian to sign the picture, though. He didn't have to do that. He should probably be studying playbooks or something.

His signature looks like "B Ul." Bul? Now that I consider it, he does look a bit like a more muscular "Bull" from "Night Court." I can relate. I only sign my first initials and a bunch of squiggles afterward.

When he's done signing the photo, the guys start hugging him, and clearly, Urlacher is displeased. He didn't sign up for this. He did a good deed, and now a team of sweaty hipsters is draping themselves on him. I kinda wish he would have planted them like quarterbacks.

Further investigation of the video shows that Urlacher is next to a hot dog stand. He's probably just minding his business, getting a hot dog when these dudes showed up to harass him. Let the man eat!

At the 1:04 mark, Urlacher points at the lead singer of The Darkness and says, "Guitar!" That's convincing. He really wants that dude to play the guitar. And he does, so that's a win-win scenario.

As football-player acting goes, it falls below Brett Favre's cameo in "There's Something About Mary," but above Alex Karras' entire body of work on "Webster." Good job, Brian. Hope to see you actually in the game next year.

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