Urlacher Says His Knee Still Isn't Fully Healed

Brian Urlacher left the last game of the season after he twisted his knee. He damaged his PCL and MCL, injuries that usually heal quickly. However, Urlacher told the Waddle and Silvy Show on ESPN Chicago that he is still feeling the aftereffects of the injury. He said there are a few things he can't do, like play golf.

But taking it slow is Urlacher's plan. Since the Bears are in the off-season and the longtime star of the defense won't need as much off-season work as his younger, less-experienced counterparts, Urlacher is taking it easy.

"I haven't pushed it," Urlacher said. "I've done what I've been told to do. I've kind of laid off of it. There's no reason to rush it right now. It was a pretty good injury. I'm just trying to relax a little bit longer, and when it's time to finally get going, I'll be ready go."

It's a smart plan for a man heading into his 12th season.

Another smart plan would be for the Bears to pick up a game-ready linebacker in the draft. Urlacher has plenty of time to heal but could still use some help so that he won't have to play every snap next season. Chicago's lack of depth at linebacker could come back to bite them in the butt if Urlacher's knee doesn't heal just as expected.

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