Urlacher, Cutler Relationship Shows No Sign of Improving

With his new book coming out and potential overtures coming from new head coach John Fox, former Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher isn’t easing up on his criticism of the team.

On Tuesday, Urlacher made an appearance at a school in Waukegan to promote his new book, and judging by his comments (or perhaps his lack of comment on a certain Bears quarterback), he still has some ill will toward Jay Cutler.

“It just took a step back I think is the word,” Urlacher told the Chicago-Sun Times. "Great talent on offense at every position. Offensive line, receiver, running back, tight end, all great players. Just didn’t get the production that I guess the fans thought they should’ve gotten.”

Normally Urlacher not mentioning the quarterback position could be chalked up as an innocent omission, but considering his history with Cutler, some could choose to read more deeply into it.

It isn’t necessarily a story that Cutler and Urlacher aren’t big fans of one another, but it does show that things aren’t going to be patched up easily between the team and one of their biggest stars of recent vintage.

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