UPS Driver Hailed as ‘Angel' by Northwest Indiana Couple

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Icy and snowy weather conditions made it difficult for Rita and Bill Kollmar of St.  John, Indiana, to make it up their driveway last week, but a nearby UPS driver made a big difference because he was at the right place and right time.

Eddie DeLuna had just delivered a package at the Kollmar’s house when he noticed their car was struggling to make it up the steep driveway.

“When they were trying to pull up, their car kept sliding down,” DeLuna said.

Rita had a broken shoulder and Bill recently underwent back surgery, and they knew they would need help to make it to their house.

“Bill leaned out the window and said, ‘can you give us a hand?’” Rita Kollmar said.

DeLuna responded by helping Rita out of the passenger side of the vehicle. He and Bill then helped Rita up the driveway and into the garage.

“We had to take a couple breaks because she was in so much pain that she had to stop and take like a quick breather,” DeLuna said.

The Kollmars made it inside their house and and thanked DeLuna for his assistance.

“Not only did he stop and help, he went beyond,” said Bill Kollmar. “He made sure we got in the house OK.”

DeLuna said he feels like anybody would have helped if they were in the same situation.

"We had the UPS driver who was an angel who was posing as a UPS driver," said Rita Kollmar.

The Kollmars later posted about what happened on social media, wishing to thank DeLuna again.

“Just for them to reach out like that makes me feel good,” DeLuna said.  “I’m just glad I was there because if my family needed something like that, I would hope somebody was able to help them the same way I helped her.”

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