Racist, Anti-Semitic Stickers Found on University of Chicago Campus

Anti-Semitic and racist stickers were recently found littered around the campus of the University of Chicago, officials confirmed Monday.

One of the targets of the sticker attack, the Center for Inclusion, is a meeting spot for LGBTQ students and was defaced with messages reading “Hitler disapproves” and “Hail victory.” Rabbi Anna Levin Rosen, of the university’s Hillel Center, called the incident troubling. She said the stickers appear to be part of a nationwide campaign by an online fascist organization.

Students say they are disturbed by the stickers as well.

“I don’t know that these feelings are new to anybody, I’m sure that they’ve been dormant and sitting for a long time,” said student J.R. Pinedo.

“It could be, I think, now there’s this idea that you should say whatever you want even if it’s cruel or offensive,” said Sara Weiswasser, also a student.

A spokesman for the university said the material was removed as soon as it was discovered. An investigation was ongoing.

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