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United Steelworkers Union Shines ‘Batlight' Style Biden-Harris Logo on Trump Tower

The light projection is part of the union's "batlight" tour which has made appearances in several battleground states

biden-harris campaign logo shines on Trump Tower in Chicago
Courtesy United Steelworkers Union

A "Biden-Harris" campaign logo was projected in light onto the Trump Tower in downtown Chicago Friday as part of the United Steelworkers' multi-state "batlight" tour to turn out the vote on Nov. 3.

The labor union used an outdoor projector to shine their endorsement of the Democratic ticket, emblazoning blue letters with the names of former Vice President Joe Biden and California Senator Kamala Harris on the 98-story high-rise above Trump's name. The "batlight" campaign, named after the famed Bat-Signal used to summon Gotham's caped crusader in times of distress, also made appearances on Wrigley Field, the Art Institute of Chicago and the Chicago Theatre.

A spokeswoman for the labor union, which represents about 850,000 members across the country, said the campaign is aimed at "encouraging workers to make a plan to vote in the upcoming general election." Launched last month, it has made appearances in several battleground states, including Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

"USW members across the country are familiar with the consequences of the broken promises they have endured for the last four years," USW International President Tom Conway said in a news release. "The president claims to have saved jobs, but his failed policies are responsible for hastening the loss of manufacturing employment."

The union says despite Trump's claims that he revived the steel industry, his policies "have been heavy on talk and massive corporate tax cuts, but light on strategic, long-term action when it comes to truly protecting American jobs." Since 2017, 37 steel mills have closed and over 10,000 jobs have been lost.

A USW Twitter account dedicated to the "batlight" tour tweeted several photos Saturday of Trump Tower adorned with the image, including the caption: "We didn’t?! We did!! And it felt so good. (The most action that sad, half-empty building’s seen in a while.) Good morning Chicago."

The "batlight" also visited several other locations across the city including the Chicago Theatre, the Art Institute of Chicago and Wrigley Field.

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