Union Protests Continue in Indiana

A house committee votes 8-5 to advance the bill to the house

Protests in Indiana continue after the house committee advances the so-called "Right-to-Work" legislation.

Hundreds of union members packed a hearing room and filled the statehouse hallways protesting the bill yesterday, but that didn't stop the House Employment, Labor and Pensions committee from sending the bill to the house.

The committee voted 8-5 along party lines to approve the bill which would make it illegal for union workers to pay a share for union services, according to the Northwest Indiana Times.

Opponents argue the bill would weaken unions and drive down wages, but State Representative Jerry Torr, who sponsored the bill, says the proposed legislation doesn't affect collective bargaining rights.

It appears the majority of House Republicans want to advance the legislation, but democrats will most likely try different procedural techniques to try to block the proposal from advancing any further, according to the Northwest Indiana Times.

The house must vote on the legislation by Friday or else it dies.

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