Ukrainian Folktales Come to Life in Diorama Exhibit

The exhibit depicts 13 unique three-dimensional dioramas of Ukrainian folklore passed down for generations.

Kids and adults alike are sure to be amused by small figures, stuffed animals and dolls set up to tell timeless children's tales at the Ukrainian National Museum of Chicago.

The Diorama Exhibition of Ukrainian Folktales is now showing at the museum in the city's Ukrainian Village.

The exhibit presents 13 unique 3D renderings of folkloric stories that have been passed down for generations.

Artistically crafted by Luba and Andrij Chornodolsky of Pennsylvania, familiar scenes from stories are depicted with stuffed animal characters in Ukrainian costumes.

"We are so full of joy to have this exhibit back," says Orysia Kourbatov, Administrator at the Ukrainian National Museum. "The smiles it puts on children's faces, and the adults as we reminisce about our childhood."

The Mitten as depicted by stuffed animals

Animated stuffed critters try to fit into a mitten in one diorama depicting the story (Rykavychka) of how rambunctious little animals tried to all fit into a mitten on a cold day.

Organizers say the presentations will amaze and amuse children, but most importantly engage parents and teachers in storytelling to them.

The exhibition runs through October 9, 2022, at the Ukrainian National Museum at 2249 West Superior Street in Chicago.

There is a fee to see the exhibit. Tickets can be purchased at

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