U-Haul Truck Used in Robberies Recovered; Suspects Still At-Large

Police on Thursday released still images of surveillance video showing the truck and suspect

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U-Haul has recovered a truck that was used in a series of muggings in lakefront neighborhoods earlier this week, though the suspects remain at-large, according to officials.

According to detectives, victims are approached on the sidewalk where their property is taken by force by a suspect, before the suspect runs toward a U-Haul box truck used as a getaway vehicle.

A spokesperson from U-Haul offered the following statement to NBC 5:

"The rental equipment used by the individual who committed these crimes was identified and recovered by a local U-Haul Team Member earlier this week. The truck is back in our possession. Chicago Police are aware of this. The search and recovery occurred after CPD officers visited one of our stores near the robbery locations and informed us of the situation. We have offered to provide CPD with any additional information and assistance they need in their investigation to ensure the individual responsible is brought to justice."

Three attacks happened on Tuesday: the first just after 10 a.m. in the 500 block of East Grand in Streeterville, another around 1:30 p.m. along the 5900 block of North Kenmore in Edgewater and a third around 9:40 p.m. along the 3000 block of North Pine Grove in East Lake View.

Bob Dressel, who recently moved to Edgewater said the robberies are a concern.

“I think it’s something all residents should be aware of,” he said.

Police on Thursday released still images of surveillance video showing the vehicle involved in the robberies: a U-Haul box truck with a tourist destination graphic on the side. They have also released another still of the alleged suspect. He appears to be 20-30 years of old, wearing a black, blue or gray jacket and dark colored jeans.

The attacks have East Lakeview residents like Kyle Fosnaugh on edge.

“I thought this was a safer area of Chicago, I wasn’t too concerned. But now I am a little more concerned,” he said

According to police reports, the victims' credit cards were used to buy gift cards and other merchandise, almost always at the closest Target store.

U-Haul is working with Chicago police, saying in a statement it, “employs a robust investigations unit that works closely with law enforcement to see that individuals engaged in criminal acts involving our equipment are caught and prosecuted.”

Another resident, Stanton Thompson, says he is careful every time he goes outside.

“I look out the door before I go out, I’ve got pepper spray and everything,” he said.  

He told his neighbors to be cautious.

“Look around and everything,” he said. “It’s sad but time are getting like this. We just have to keep praying,” he said.

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