Teen Killed After Basketball Game a “Gentle Giant”

Tyrone Lawson, 17, was shot in the back Wednesday after a basketball game at Chicago State University

Wednesday night in Chicago left another parent grieving over a teen who will not come home.

The latest victim: Tyrone Lawson. The high school senior was shot in the back after a fight broke out following a basketball game between his school, Morgan Park, and its rivals at Simeon Vocational.

"I can't even believe my son is not going to come home," his mother, Pamela Wright, said Thursday with tears streaming down her face.

Lawson was just a spectator at the game. It was unclear Thursday if he was involved in the altercation, but his mother doesn't see how that's possible. She described her son as a "gentle giant" who never got into trouble.

"I had a beautiful, beautiful son. He still came in. He did his chores. He did his homework. He still asked permission. Those were things he did," she said.

Chicago State University on Wednesday night served as a neutral site for the basketball game because the two schools have had problems at sporting events in the past.

Wright said she wants to make sure her son, who was looking forward to graduation in May, gets justice.

"I hope they really realize how they hurt my entire family and that they really hurt their family," she said.

Two people were in police custody in connection with the shooting. Charges were pending.

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