‘Twosday' Marks Special Date on the Calendar and It's Not the Only One Watch This Week

Twosday won't be the only palindrome date this week

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In what is now being described as "Twosday," Feb. 22 will mark a special date on the calendar, but it's not the only standout date this week.

Tuesday is 2-22-22, which is not only a palindrome date, meaning it can be read the same both forward and backward, but also has the added value of being all twos. It is also a palindrome date around the world, even in countries that may write dates in a different format.

The day is already being celebrated across the country with deals and celebrations, including the opening day of Chicago's new 2-D restaurant. Some Chicago suburbs, including northwest suburban Crystal Lake, are hosting special events and deals to celebrate the day.

And Twosday won't be the only palindrome date this week.

In fact, every day this week and through the end of this month will be a palindrome date.

  • 2-20-22
  • 2-21-22
  • 2-22-22
  • 2-23-22
  • 2-24-22
  • 2-25-22
  • 2-26-22
  • 2-27-22
  • 2-28-22

When it comes to Tuesday, there are some who believe the date may have special significance, particularly in numerology or astrology. But others say it's simply a moment in time.

The ultimate palindrome will occur three times throughout the day: 2:22 a.m., 2:22 p.m. and at 10:22 p.m. (22:22 military time).

If it seems like you're re-living a day that recently happened, that's probably because a similar date, Feb. 2 (2/2/22), which was also groundhog day, has already taken place this month.

However, "Twosdays" don't come that often and won't happen again for another 400 years in the year 2422, according to the National Weather Service.

Google is celebrating “Twosday with a special surprise. Type "2/22/22" or "Twosday" in the Google search bar and receive a confetti shower of "2s" on the computer screen, followed by a message that reads “Happy Twosday 2You!”

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