Tweet Child of Mine

Playground Theater launches "The Tweet Life"

John Audley

Yelling out improv suggestions at a comedy club is so last year.

Acknowledging that 140-character posts to Twitter are an insight into daily life (and that life's intrinsic comedy), Chicago's Playground Theater comedy club is working the social networking phenomenon into a weekly show.

"The Tweet Life" began last Wednesday and runs through October.

Each week, the club will follow one of @the_playground Twitter followers' posts and create an original show based on that poster's tweets (got that?).

The inaugural performance was based off recent tweets by Twitter user @KidADynomite, also known as Landon Jones.

Some of Jones' tweets included:

"Argued with a homeless man over whether I could eat a whole ice cream cake--not only he is homeless he is ice cream cakeless too."

"I wonder how Curious George feels when he sees his fellow monkey brothers and sisters behind the cage at the zoo?"

"I'd be lying if I said the money wasn't a strong incentive behind this morning."

"I just witnessed a fight between a cat and a squirrel and I must admit it was pretty awesome."

Playground President Matt Barbera said that some of the scenes based off Jones' tweets were literal. Others were just in spirit.

To be considered, followers should tweet #I want in on the TWEETLIFE#.

The selected follower will receive two complimentary tickets to that week's show.  Everyone else has to pony up $10.

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