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Twin Sisters, Man With Naperville Connections Die in Separate ‘Rogue Wave' Incidents in Mexico

It was supposed to be a fun-filled family vacation in Mexico. But it ended in the deaths of twin sisters, killed while taking a stroll on the beach. And it’s happened at least twice in the last 10 days.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico is known for it’s sandy beaches and clear waters. But strong currents and riptides coupled with massive waves have killed numerous vacationing tourists in recent years.

Steve Thomas's 67-year-old wife Barbara and her twin sister Beverly Skripsky, a former Naperville resident, drowned in Cabo on Sunday after being washed into the ocean by a massive wave during a morning walk.

“I can’t imagine how fast it was moving but it went from 10 feet to 15 feet in seconds,” Thomas said. "Tthey found two women out at sea and I’m thinking ‘great - they found them.’ and I say ‘are they okay?’ and he says ‘I’m sorry to tell you sir, but they’re deceased.'”

A warning from the U.S. Embassy in Mexico cautions travelers to Cabo beaches, stating: “Not all hazardous beaches in this area are clearly marked. Swimmers, waders and even people simply walking along the beaches have been washed into the ocean by rogue waves. Some have drowned and others have disappeared.”

Last week another death: 65-year-old Steven Urycki of Naperville was killed in Cabo while fishing--after an extreme wave swept him into the ocean.

Now, Thomas wants others to be aware of the deadly tides.

“I just never thought of it myself and if what we’re doing here can saves even one life--it’s worth it," he said.

Thomas says his wife and sister-in-law loved traveling together and had recently returned from a trip to Dubai.

Funeral arrangements for the two women are being planned.

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