Brother of Slain Teen Honors Twin in Basketball Tribute

The brother of a 15-year-old boy who was fatally shot during a robbery attempt in Chicago over the weekend played in a basketball tournament in his slain twin’s honor.

The Johnson College Prep varsity team’s game Monday night should have been like any other for sophomore Demacio Bailey, but instead, it was filled with heart-wrenching emptiness as his twin brother was missing from the stands on the eve of their 16th birthday.

Demario Bailey, 15, was  walking his twin brother to basketball practice in the 0-100 block of West 63rd Street Saturday when four people approached the boys, demanded money and tried to take a winter jacket.

One of the robbers then took out a gun and shot Demario Bailey in the chest.

Just two days after witnessing his brother’s murder, Demacio Bailey suited up as a tribute to his brother, who family members said was at every game and every practice.

“[Demacio] said ‘I’m going to live for my brother mamma, I’m going to the pros,” said Delores Bailey, the twins’ mother. “Sometimes God takes one, but he left me one and I thank him for that.”

The team left the gym Monday night following Demacio Bailey, chanting, “We will live and not die.”

Four teens have been charged in the shooting.

The boys’ mother said she will commit herself to protecting other children in Chicago from violence.

“I’m going to make sure that every last boy gets a basketball and I’m going to make sure that every girl gets a pom-pom if I can. I’m going to get a bus, I’m going to use every dime I got and I’m going to drop them off and pick them up and I’m going to make sure they get back to their mammas myself,” Delores Bailey said. “Devil you took one, I’m going to take 101 and let them live.”

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