Twilight Eclipse Fans Blacked Out

Broken movie projector to blame

Tuesday was supposed to be the best night ever for Twilight fans.  But vampire loving tweens in Chicago Ridge turned into an angry mob when the theater's projector broke.

Many of the Twi-hards had lined up as early as 9 p.m. on Tuesday at the Chicago Ridge AMC movie theater - waiting for the midnight premiere of "Eclipse," the latest Twilight series movie.

With popcorn and other assorted movie treats in hand, fans took their seats in Theater 5. 

"We're watching the previews waiting for the movie and out of nowhere the sound just stopped," said teen fan Soraida Botello.

The movie goers started booing and yelling for management, who informed them they were having technical difficulties and would try to fix the problem.  Meanwhile, the movie kept playing with no sound.

Finally, when management conceded defeat they asked everyone to leave.

"A lady came in really rudely and said they were going to refund the money and that we needed to leave,"  said Toni Williamson who waited three hours to see the movie.  "I'm disappointed in how the theater handled it."

Theater management was unreachable Wednesday morning.

After the blackout, a small group of angry tweens gathered outside, expressing their outrage by chanting "hell no we wont go, let us see our show!"

AMC did give everyone their refunds, but because there were so many people, it took more than an hour to give everyone their $10 back.

The vampire love story "Eclipse" officially opens Wednesday. 

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