TSA Pre-Check Program, Already in Place at O’Hare, is Heading to Midway

Midway one of more than 60 airports to get program this year

The Transportation Security Administration's pre-check security program, already in place at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport, is heading to Midway.

The program allows travelers to keep their shoes and belts on, and means laptops can stay in cases and liquids can stay in carry-ons as passengers pass through security.

Midway is one of more than 60 airports that will get the program this year.

U.S. citizens who are members of airline frequent flyer programs are eligible to apply. Participating airlines include United, American, Delta and US Airways.

The TSA said the program is part of the agency's new approach to provide the most effective and efficient security system for passengers.

O'Hare received the program in 2012.

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